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Lumbards Vehicle Hire

Lumbards have been providing vehicle hire in Ashbourne for over 30 years. Why not rent a vehicle from us? We are within easy access from surrounding areas.

We offer a small Suzuki Splash car or a choice of vans, our smaller Renault Kangoo van, Ford Transit LWB or Ford Transit Luton comes fitted with a tail lift to make life easy for loading and unloading, especially with a pallet  truck.

All of our vehicles decrease in price the longer you rent with us.  We are located on Compton in Ashbourne town centre opposite Sainsbury's.

Our hire rates include vehicle insurance & breakdown cover for peace of mind and includes 250 miles as standard, extra miles are charged at 10p per mile.


Our hire rates start at a competitive £39.50

Hire Rates


Extend & Save

The longer you hire the cheaper our daily rates are! 5 days for the price of 4 or 7 days for the price of 5. 

Suzuki Splash 1.3L

Daily Rate = £39.50 - 5 Day Rate = £31.60 - 7 Day Rate = £28.21

Ford Transit LWB

Daily Rate = £49.50 - 5 Day Rate = £39.60 - 7 Day Rate = £35.35

Ford Transit Luton (Tail-Lift)

 Daily Rate = £74.50 - 5 Day Rate = £59.60 - 7 Day Rate = £53.21 

Rental Deposit

A hire insurance deposit of £200 is payable on commencement of hire term, refundable 48hrs after end of hire term. (See T&C's below)

Vehicle Dimensions

Suzuki Splash 1.3L

External - Height 1.62m (5ft, 3in), Width 1.68m (5ft,5in), Length 3.77m (12ft, 3in)

Ford Transit LWB

Internal - Height 1.53m (5ft), Width min 1.35m (4ft, 5in) max 1.74m (5ft, 8in),

Length min 3.10m (10ft 2in) max 3.20m (10ft 6in)

External - Height 2.42m (7ft, 11in), Width 2.3m (7ft, 6in), Length 5.6m (18ft, 5in)

Ford Transit Luton

Internal - Height 1.81m (5ft, 11in), Width 2.00m (6ft. 6in) Length min 4.04m (13ft 3in) max 5.04m (16ft 6in)

External - Height 3.05m (10ft), Width 2.52m (8ft, 3in), Length 7.2m (23ft, 7in)

Book Now!


To book your next self-drive vehicle hire:

Telephone 01335 343177 (7 Days) or Email

Booking Requirements

At the time of booking we will require your contact details, date of birth (hire restricted to over 22 yrs & under 76 yrs), driving licence number and national insurance number (to enable DVLA check). Providing these details at the time of booking will save time on day of hire. Before your hire we also need to see two forms of address ID such as your Driving Licence and a Utlity Bill/Bank Statement not older than 3 months.

Full payment for hire charge to be made at time of booking.

PAYMENT IS NON-REFUNDABLE (Excludes insurance deposit)

Vehicle Deposit

Vehicle insurance deposit of £200 can be paid at time of booking or anytime

before the start of the hire period. Payment by Debit/Card only. Deposits are refunded 48hrs following hire period, please see T&C's below for full details. 

Hire Terms & Conditions

Hire Summary

Standard hire hours are 8.00am - 8.00am (24hrs). Please ask at time of booking if you require an earlier collection time (Subject to availability). Punctual return is important as any late return could affect the next hire.

Vehicle insurance and breakdown cover included in hire charges.

All drivers of the vehicle must produce their driving licence & NI number to enable a pre-hire DVLA check. Customers who do not wish to give their NI

number should obtain a DVLA 'check code' within 21 days of the hire period by visiting

You should bring your 'check code' on the day of hire along with your driving licence.

All drivers of the vehicle must be advised in advance for insurance and be over 22yrs and under 76yrs (please note past convictions may affect hire). Health and occupation rules apply such as DVLA advised heart conditions, diabetes, epilepsy etc.

No smoking or pets allowed in hire vehicles.

Hire includes 250 miles, extra miles are charged at 10p per mile. Fuel gauge on return should be the same as collection. Fuel shortages will be charged at Lumbards current pump price. Sorry but overfills are non-refundable.

Insurance deposit must be paid by debit/credit card only either at the time of booking or any other time before the commencement of the hire period. Before your hire we also need to see two forms of address ID such as your Driving Licence and a Utlity Bill/Bank Statement not older than 3 months. Hire deposits are refunded 48hrs after the end of the hire period to allow for the vehicle to be checked over on return. 

Any excess mileage charge, low fuel, valeting charges or vehicle damage will be deducted from hire deposit before refund. Customers must contact Lumbards for your refund it is not automatic as card details are not stored for security. Customers do not need to attend in person to receive a refund telephone calls are accepted.  

Sorry no cheques.

For a full copy of our terms & conditions please contact us.

Renault Kangoo 1.5TD

Daily Rate = £39.50 - 5 Day Rate = £31.60 - 7 Day Rate = £28.21

Renault Kangoo 1.5TD

External - Height 1.82m (5ft, 7in), Width 1.66m (5ft,4in), Length 4.00m (13ft, 1in)

Internal - Height 1.13m (3ft, 7in), Width min 1.13m (3ft, 7in) max 1.21m (3ft, 9in),

Length max 1.47m (4ft 8in)